Global Nature Foundation Theme for Banglalore :

RootsForFruits is the Culmination of a group of Passionate Individuals, with Global Nature Foundation, who are passionate about  and have a deep focus  to `Educate`, `Rescue` and `Spread Awareness` about the following three Topics.
Theme Topics:
1. Rising Above - For Life - Enriching Children and Teenager Personality
2. My Voice with Nature - Sensitising towards Responsibility towards Nature
3. My time for the Needy - Sensitising towards Responsibility towards the Poor&Needy 

It is a Student-School relationship program where Real-time Workshops will be conducted to students as part of their regular School curriculum in Schools who are interested to partner with intention to Empower and Enrich the Students-Family-School community.

Workshops with various Hand on excercises, Inspiring Leaders from the above three Theme Walks of Life who have established and self made themselves are involved in direct connection with the students.

Creation of a conducive platform for the students to demonstrate their creativity, Leadership, formative thought process and opinions captured for further nourishment, and placement of a Sounding board, especially for teenagers to express themselves and their concerns , is part of this trend setting program

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