About The Bangalore Branch Leader: Arathi G

About The Bangalore Branch Leader: Arathi G

About The Bangalore Branch Leader: Arathi G

Arathi.G is the Bangalore Branch Leader of Global Nature Foundation and has a team that supports the Child Education,  Life-support and upliftment of the underprivileged and needy children. 
She is passionate about child education including teenagers, Nature Conservation and Indian Ancient Knowledge System. She is actively involved in conducting many energetic sessions in ample creative ways in schools/ colleges specially in government schools/colleges to enable children and the younger generation see the brighter side for rising above and learning for life from the concepts including nature sensitization. She has conceptualized a curriculum and knowledge series called� `RootsforFruits` that depicts learning in a way children most enjoy and internalize the love for nature and Life, which It includes concepts from the Ancient Indian Knowledge system well-articulated and conceptualized for easy receptiveness for the children in primary,  high-school and govt. Colleges .�

    She is also a Corporate trainer for life skills and management in the industry for over a decade. Arathi has a full time job in the field of Quality Management and comes with a work experience of 25 years in the IT Corporate industry having worked with many honorable organizations like Motorola, ANZ, HP, Mphasis and currently working with Galaxe Solutions.

 She finds it very important to share, spread and create sensitization on nature conservation , ancient Indian knowledge system to children in their formative years as well as to Teenagers. She listens to their opinions and� creates a sounding board for them to express themselves with Confidence and with a Difference, thus inculcating respect and inspiration for Life in them. She spreads the importance of being a global citizen through many ingenious workshops for the children and teenagers with an underlying theme a combination of newness and the richness from Indian ancient knowledge.

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