About Global Nature Foundation

About Global Nature Foundation

About Global Nature Foundation

The Global Nature Foundation:

The Global Nature Foundation (GNF) is a non-governmental organisation which has been registered (Registration No: 841/2011) in the year 2011. GNF promotes activities such as environmental conservation, reforestation, global warming awareness, water management, wildlife conservation, awareness programmes to the public, integrated farming, and organic farming. Our primary motive is to conduct awareness campaigns for students and the public, train farmers, and focus on tree plantations too. GNF has conducted up to 565 programmes to date.

 Vision of GNF:

To educate and create awareness for the present and future generations. And to provide rehabilitation to humans, Flora & Fauna

 Mission of GNF:

GNF fosters an understanding and appreciation of nature and educates the community through education, conservation, awareness and rehabilitation.

Our Values:

We value treating all things with respect, i.e., humans, flora and fauna.

GNF`s Dream Projects:

Naveen`s Home for orphaned children is being constructed according to the terms and conditions of the government norms. We are planning to adopt 50 children. Currently, the building is in the completion stage, and our goal for the near future is to construct homes for the elderly and mentally challenged people.

Tree Plantation Program:

GNF organises tree plantation activities and inculcates a sense of responsibility among the students and the public. GNF in their training centre has planted more than 10,000 trees of different species and is committed to protecting the environment.


GNF`s primary goal is to raise community awareness of current environmental issues, conduct environmental training through camps and field trips, and organise lectures by distributing leaflets and pamphlets to students and the general public.

Program for Bird Conservation:

GNF aims to promote and enhance the conservation of birds, primarily through habitat restoration. GNF conducts campaigns, distributes nest boxes, and creates a man-made forest to conserve the native species of birds.

MOU with different organisations

We tied up with many educational institutions and signed MOUs to provide opportunities for the students to do projects.

volunteered team:

Our trust has volunteer team bases in Chennai, Bangalore, Madurai, Trichy, etc. with highly motivated and self-driven volunteers. The volunteer team operates independently to provide help to people, animals, and the environment.

Awards and Articles:

Our GNF is the proud recipient of several awards, including international, national, and state-level ones. Numerous articles have been published in reputed magazines and journals appreciating the services.

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