About Naveen Garden

About Naveen Garden

About Naveen Garden

About Naveen  Garden

Training Centre:

Naveen Garden, the training centre of GNF, is located in Krishnapuram village, Musiri Tk, Trichy district.


Naveen Garden got registered with TNAU to promote agro-tourism and integrated farming methods. Many schools, colleges, and the general public have been organising trips to this place to understand rural life, agriculture, farm animals, exotic species, and biodiversity. To provide an experience of village life, a variety of traditional games, tractor and bullock cart rides, and local cuisine are offered. There is a garden with many varieties of flowering plants, and water plants are there. This training centre has benefited more than 50000 students, 20000 farmers, and 15000 members of the public.

Integrated Farming:

Naveen Garden follows an integrated farming system with a judicious mix of agriculture enterprises like cattle, poultry, fisheries etc.

Green Lung

A manmade forest was created in the year 2019. More than 6000 saplings of 85 varieties were planted. In all, nearly 26 species of birds, 17 species of butterflies, rodents, reptiles, and insects can be identified in this man-made forest. It helps to develop biodiversity on the campus.

Pet Paradise:

We have many domestic, native, and exotic species of flora and fauna. Everyone gets the chance to see, touch, and feed the animals and understand the animals` behaviour. Naveen Garden provides a guided tour which is very educational and informative.


Naveen Garden is approximately 20 acres in size and is planted with pomegranate orchards, timber plantations, fodder crops, seasonal crops, and ornamental plants.

Tank for water conservation.

It is constructed to store water for agriculture and other productive uses. This huge tank is 150 ft long, 75 ft wide, and 12 ft deep. Water stored is used for multiple purposes, such as agriculture and horticulture, for livestock and other domestic use.

Tree House:

It is designed and constructed around strong native live tree trunks. It is an appealing architectural design in Naveen Garden.


The auditorium serves as a multipurpose hall and is available for conducting training programmes, seminars, and other events and can accommodate a maximum of 100 people. For accommodation, spacious rooms featuring furnishings and amenities like high-speed internet are available. We offer authentic village food to the trainees.

Rehabilitation & Adoption:

Inside the premises, we are building a home for orphaned children. We rescue and rehabilitate wild animals and adopt domestic animals too.

Projects & Volunteering:

We tie up with many educational institutions and have signed MOUs to provide opportunities for the students to do projects, and we welcome volunteers who want to connect with farming and experience the natural way of life.


Here we have a mini library with more than 1000 books of different genres. Students and trainees have access to this library, and it is a credible resource in our training centre.


Interact with the host, Dr Naveen Krishnan, who created this paradise for nature lovers to explore and enhance their knowledge of biodiversity. Naveen Garden gives you the opportunity to unwind in the lap of nature!

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