About the Managing Trustee: Naveen Krishnan

About the Managing Trustee: Naveen Krishnan

About the Managing Trustee: Naveen Krishnan

Dr Naveen Krishnan has completed his M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., and PGDDT. Recently, he received an Honorary Doctorate from American Tamil University for his contributions to environmental protection and the upliftment of society. He has been involved and participating in tree planting, animal welfare, nature conservation, and other activities since his childhood, and he has chosen to pursue studies in the same field.

Dr Naveen Krishnan started the Global Nature Foundation (GNF), a non-profit organisation registered in the year 2011. The Global Nature Foundation has conducted more than 550 programmes like tree plantations, environmental awareness campaigns, and so on. GNF started a branch organisation in the year 2018 in Bangalore called Roots for Fruits.

Dr Naveen Krishnan set up a training centre for GNF (Naveen Garden) to impart training to the students and farmer community. Dr Naveen registered his training centre with TNAU and it has been approved. Naveen Garden actively promotes agro-tourism and an innovative integrated farming system. Based on agro-tourism typology, it is identified as the 1st in Tamilnadu to promote the agro-tourism concept.

Dr Naveen Krishnan is better known as "PASUMAI KAVALAN". He earned this name by spending more than 20 years of his life by planting more than 1 lakh trees in and around his hometown. He created a mini forest by planting more than 10,000 trees in his Naveen Garden, the training centre of GNF, to meet the fundamental principles of ecological restoration. Thanks to his reforestation initiative, rare species of birds and butterflies have returned to this man-made forest.

Dr Naveen is raising awareness, mainly about bird conservation. He focuses on sparrow conservation by giving nest boxes to the public, and he provides a platform to people working on the conservation of house sparrows and other common birds.

Dr Naveen Krishnan signed an MOU with many educational institutions to train students and raise awareness of issues impacting the environment for the next generation. He formed science clubs and supervised high school and college students.

He is a pet lover and adopts animals like cats, dogs, and cattle and takes care of them in the GNF training centre.

In particular, he is a snake rescuer and has rescued more than a thousand snakes and wild animals. He has been volunteering to rescue animals with the forest and fire service departments.

Dr Naveen`s life journey was inspiring and interesting. He not only cares for flora and fauna but also for humans. He is constructing a home for orphaned children in the GNF training centre. He has taken up this noble cause of helping orphaned children and has planned to adopt 50 children.

He is the proud recipient of several awards at the international, national, and state level. To date, Dr Naveen Krishnan has received 2 national awards, 6 state awards and 16 awards at the district level. He has given five live radio programs. Numerous articles and journals have been published in reputed magazines and newspapers, appreciating his services and programmes done through the Global Nature Foundation.

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