About the Outreach Coordinator: Gopi Janarthanan R

About the Outreach Coordinator: Gopi Janarthanan R

About the Outreach Coordinator: Gopi Janarthanan R

Gopi Janarthanan is a B.Sc graduate of Tourism and Hospitality Management. He holds a diploma in food production and has a wealth of expertise in the bread and confectionery industries. He held executive positions with market giants like Jubilant Food Works, Papa John`s, US Pizza, and Global Franchise Architects for more than 16 years while working in the supply chain in the QSR industry.

He made the decision to follow his passion, quit his career in the corporate world, and committed the rest of his life to social service and the conservation of nature and wildlife. He has volunteered for the forest department, zoos, and several wildlife conservation NGOs also worked as outreach coordinator in wildlife conservation agencies in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. He was actively involved in numerous snake and animal rescues, educational tours, fund raising, volunteer coordination, and awareness campaigns for the conservation of snakes and nature. Additionally, he participated in marathons for conservation and Worked on solar fencing projects to mitigate Human and wildlife conflicts

He is the Global Nature Foundation`s outreach coordinator at the moment. He is currently active in animal welfare initiatives, aiming to establish a rehabilitation facility for abandoned and injured animals at the GNF training centre and raise funds for an upcoming orphanage.

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