First year Anniversary Celebrations of Roots For Fruits

First year Anniversary Celebrations of Roots For Fruits


On 15th August 2020, The Independence Day celebrations and the First year Anniversary celebrations of Roots For Fruits, Bangalore of The Global Nature Foundation were celebrated in a magnificent manner.
The wonderful welcome note of Dikshita who involves greatly in helping in services , the magnificent welcome & Chief guest Addressal by Arathi who took the main initiatives for the beginning of Roots for Fruits, the summary of one year activities by Vijay who takes great effort for the services to the orphans and the plan of future activities view by Sesha who supports the core team were admirably organised in an impressive manner.
We wish the core team and volunteers of the the Global Nature Foundation in Roots for Fruits team for their excellent social services throughout the year.
We feel very proud about the sublime activities of our volunteers and we welcome such wonderful volunteers from the whole world to join hands in doing services to the Nature and to the humanity.
The participation of every members and volunteers of The Global Nature Foundation in doing social activities is really glorious to the team.
The plans for the next two years were discussed and decided in the program which concluded with the warm Thank you note of Dikshita.
We wish and Thank our total team for their enthusiastic and valuable involvement in doing social activities.

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